Jahanara, mother of two daughters and one son. When her husband passed away, she started working in garments for living. Everything was going well before corona. In the early 2020 when corona started spreading in almost every district of Bangladesh cascade of disruption started in her life. She moved to her village because without any income she couldn’t bear the rent of house she used to live beside her working station. She was facing trouble to feed her children as they are all under 12. After finishing her all very little savings she started seeking help to her relatives but all her efforts went in vain. She saw a bleak future of their family with no prospect ahead. At that time, she heard about SPP from one of her neighbor. Through communicating with our social workers she came to SPP in the mid of 2020. Now she is participating in various livelihood training stressing in garments and tailoring section. Her children spending quality time here in SPP and resumed their study in SPP school. She thinks, if she continues advance training in garments section it will boost her skill and after realising from SPP she can get a better job.

Please help us support these mothers to become empowered women with the skills to support themselves and their children.

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