SPP prioritises giving children a quality and inclusive education with classes based on both their age and their abilities. Most of their mothers have had little education and are often illiterate so the children and their mothers both need support. SPP runs classes from SBK, and Pre-school up to Class 3. We also support children in local village schools for higher classes/education.The school runs on a ‘block’ teaching system so that a teacher gets to know their pupils and can monitor their progress. Each teacher carries out continuous and regular assessments of all the children in their class.To ensure a rounded education there are many co-curricular activities run by specialists. These include games and sports (including cricket for girls), music, art, dance and basic Arabic.

As many children are from abusive environments behavioural problems can hamper learning.There are many initiatives to give positive reinforcement to good behaviour. In particular children are awarded with tokens for specific required behaviours and they can spend these in  the ‘Token Economy’ shop. We also have a rigorous child protection policy which all adults on site must understand and sign. There are many levels of reading and writing classes to supplement the general education system.

Inclusive Teaching & Training



To work across education & rehabilitation to ensure a unified approach to enabling everyone specially the slower learners(including mother & children) to receive maximum benefit of educational training facilities at SPP.



  • To work with teachers and trainers to deliver the best possible, inclusive, education to all children.
  • To identify the slower learners.
  • To assist the teachers to ensure all children can access the curriculum.
  • To improve the quality of the service offered to all learners to support slower learners.
  • Prepare some improved tool kit for the slow learners to considering the practical situation.
  • Prepare a guidance note for the teachers who directly involved with the slow learners.



  • Curriculum of literacy program has been revised with
  • Yearly plan of literacy program has been revised.
  • Baseline report has been prepared.
  • Guidance notes for teachers to ensure inclusive education has been prepared.