Livelihood Training Programme

We strive to ensure long-lasting rehabilitation of vulnerable single mothers and their children through the livelihood training programme. The mothers at SPP are trained in a number of skills so that they have income generating opportunities when they return to their communities.

Livelihood skills development is one of the most important programmes run in SPP and plays a significant role in achieving the SPP mission and vision. More importantly it supports the achievement of empowerment independence and dignity- for the mothers we work with.

We partner with garments factories to provide training to mothers so that if they ever have to make a living in a commercial environment they have the skills to start work on a reasonable wage.

Mothers also receive training in managing a small business- buying raw materials, calculating profits, managing money etc.

Livelihood development plays the most significant role in achieving mission and vision of Shishu Polli Plus.

Shishu Polli Plus Provides


Universal Training

Numeracy, Civil rights, legal rights, Leadership Development, Waste Management, Primary Health care.


Agricultural Training

Plant nursery, Homestead gardening, Fish culture, Cattle rearing, Goat rearing, Duck rearing, Vermi composting, Sack gardening, Herbal gardening

Mother's Enrollment in Livelihood Training - 2022

Tailoring 42- Beneficiaries
Garments 28- Beneficiaries
Bamboo Weaving 32- Beneficiaries
Beauty Parlour 8- Beneficiaries
Puffed Rice 32- Beneficiaries
Cloth Shop Management 11- Beneficiaries
Grocer Shop Management 39- Beneficiaries
Goat Rearing 30- Beneficiaries
Duck Rearing 24- Beneficiaries