We have started the Urban Street Children  Programme at the SPP Dhaka office from January 2018. We use the first floor for girls Night Shelter and Slum and Urban Community Children Education Schooling Support(SUCCESS) Project.

Girls Night Shelter

6-8 Street Girls are attending our Girls Night Shelter from 5pm to 8.30pm(next day) daily. We provide them the facilities like, shower with soap, wash cloth, morning breakfast(Bread and Egg), recreation and games, accommodation and materials and safe sleep. Street Girls come mainly from Dhaka Airport railway station for attending the Night Shelter. The Night Shelter is open all the days of the week without any off day considering the need.

Referral Service

We always try to refer motivated street children to other specialized organization for vocational training and rehabilitation. Chilkdren without parents are usually chosen for referral service. Some drug addicted street children are also reffed to specialized organization.

Slum and Urban Community Children Education Schooling Support (SUCCESS) Project

In 2020 50 slum based 2nd category street children(who has family or extended family in slums) enrolled with SUCCESS project with school admission (Primary level) in Nikunja and Khilkhet areas of Dhaka with different schools. Non-school going and poor children who dropped out of school, 8 years or above, are eligible for the programme to be enrolled. We monitored their school attended and education progress as appropriate.  We also provide financial support of BDT 700 for a child and double 1200 support (same family) to continue the education. We planned to increase the number of children up to 100 in 2020 but it was not possible. There is also a Toy Resource Center where children play. We provides game like Ludo carom board and tab games programme as appropriate. Television is also provided. On average 30 children attended regularly from 2PM to 4PM. Children enjoyed the interaction with the Toy Center as there are no spaces like this for children living in urban slums. As a result of the Corona Pandemic we stopped prog

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