Pay Your Zakat

Shishu Polli Plus raising zakat donation in Bangladesh to ensure lasting rehabilitation of vulnerable single mothers and their children. We make it simple to pay your Zakat. You may not be sure about where to pay zakat however through Shishu Polli Plus, you can pay your zakat online from wherever you are. You can be confident that your Zakat will be disbursed to Zakat-eligible people.

Zakat’s primary practice is to assist people in most need in improving their lives. As a child of Adam, you are obligated in Islam to care for all of your brothers and sisters by paying Zakat to supply them with basic requirements. With this in mind, Zakat is utilised to help people less fortunate than ourselves.

Where to pay zakat is a common concern among us however if you donate your zakat at Shishu Polli Plus we will use your zakat money to ensure the long-lasting rehabilitation of vulnerable single mothers and their children as per zakat rules. For example, we will use your zakat money to buy a sewing machine, start duck and goat rearing business, set up small grocery shops for your vulnerable single mothers. Its also needed to cover the education costs of impoverished children to secure a better life.

Who is eligible to pay Zakat:

  1. A free man or woman: A slave is exempt from paying zakat.
  2. A Muslim: Zakat like the five daily prayers, is a religious duty for Muslims.
  3. Sane: According to Imam Abu Hanifa, the individual for whom zakat becomes compulsory must be of sound mind. According to Imam Malik, a mad person is nevertheless obligated to pay zakat.
  4. An adult: Even if they have enough income to make zakat mandatory, children do not have to pay it. Both Imam Shafi’i and Imam Malik, however, believe that the guardians of the children should pay the zakat on their behalf.
  5. Complete ownership and control of their riches: The individual must own and possess the wealth, as well as be free to spend or dispose of it in any way they see fit. If a person has taken a loan they are unable to give it as zakat as it must be repaid.
  6. In possession of wealth in excess of the nisab threshold: The individual should have money in excess of the amount necessary to meet the vital requirements of themselves and their dependents (nisab).
  7. Debt-free: Someone who is in debt may subtract his debts from his assets; if what remains is still greater than the nisab level, zakat is payable; otherwise, it is not.
  8. Owning zakatable wealth for a whole lunar (Hijrah) year: If one possesses zakatable money for a lunar year, zakat will become compulsory. If the entire quantity of wealth surpasses the nisab at the beginning and end of the year, regardless of any variations in the months between, it must be paid.

When Do I Pay Zakat?

Zakat is one of Islam’s five pillars. Zakat is such an essential element of our faith that it is referenced several times in the Quran. It is payable once a lunar year (also known as a hawl) on the day your wealth exceeds the nisab level. There are, however, particular wealth categories that are required to pay immediately – when you earn a windfall.

  • GROWTH WEALTH: Currency, gold, silver, business assets, and livestock are all examples of growing wealth. The Zakat you pay on various wealth categories is related your entire ownership of them for 12 full lunar months (354 days), reckoning from the date of acquisition (separately) of each.
  • HARVESTS / WINDFALLS: At the time of harvest, you must pay Zakat on crops, honey, and products, as well as mined minerals and uncovered treasure.

The Zakat you pay on increasing wealth is deducted from their profit or future profit. Harvests and windfalls are considered revenue and growth, which is why Zakat is required when they are harvested.

Is Zakat payable during Ramadan?

Since all good actions are amplified throughout this wonderful month, Ramadan is considered a perfect time to give Zakat. However, it is not necessary to pay during Ramadan. While Zakat al-Fitr must be paid during Ramadan, Zakat-al-Mal may be paid at any time.

How Can I Calculate My Zakat?

Using our online zakat calculator, you can quickly determine how much Zakat you must pay.

Hopefully this gives you answers of your questions where to pay zakat. You can pay your Zakat here and create sustainable development for impoverished single mothers and their children.