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Shishu Polli Plus is a purpose-built “CHILDREN’S VILLAGE” where we aim to provide long term rehabilitation services to underprivileged children and their mothers who are neglected due to poverty, social stigma, trauma, etc. It was founded in 1989 with the mandate to work for the best interest of children with their mothers. The organisation was initiated by Patricia Vivian Kerr, a former British Airways stewardess, with the support of British Airways and a large donor group based in the UK. As a grass-roots organisation, we respond to the local needs and, over the years have developed programmes that include caring, training, counselling and community fostering for vulnerable children and traumatised mothers.

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We are actively seeking contributions from institutions, foundations, corporations, and individuals that wish to substantially support our mission. Shishu Polli Plus will officially acknowledge your donation, by various means, according to your sponsorship level.



32 years ago, a British Airways flight attendant, Pat Kerr, started the Shishu Polli Plus charity.  Since then, we have witnessed this one person, help to change the lives of thousands of women and children. Support us today, and you too could be the reason why more impoverished women and their children are given hope for a brighter future.



The holiest and most sacred month of Ramadan is very special for its spiritual magnitude. Ramadan is the time to give, love and be loved, being rewarded and spreading happiness. This Ramadan your Zakat contribution will uplift the majesty of Ramadan; donate for the most sustainable cause of education and make the most use of your Zakat.

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